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How to Make a Statement with Julie Neill's Unique Lighting Designs


Lighting is more than just illuminating a room for Julie Neill, who designs chandeliers, sconces, and other fixtures for clients from her New Orleans studio. "I trust in the power of light. It's a positive energy in the world," she says. "I consider what I create to be art, and creating art that energises a space is really a dream come true".

Julie Neill grew up in New Orleans, where her passion of beautiful things began. She has always been inspired by the creative spirit that gave birth to this gorgeous, historic, and one-of-a-kind city. She is constantly influenced by the tropical weather, the breathtaking architecture, and the unconventional way of living.


With over 20 years of experience, Julie has established herself as a trusted designer for unique, vintage-inspired light fixtures that solely focus on a classically feminine aesthetic and make use of luxurious materials such as gold leaf, crystal, and plaster.

It's a look that affects everything she touches, including her collection with Visual Comfort and her historic New Orleans house, which is filled with—surprise, surprise—plenty of her stunning designs. "When I sit down and get comfortable in my home, my gaze is drawn to the magnificent pieces in the ceiling," she says. "Everyone should experience the excitement of a large spectacular piece of lighting."

"It is both the art and craft of creating bespoke lighting that is the driving force behind what we do. Our collection is inspired by the desire to create timeless, elegant works of art"

-Julie Neill


Why Choose Julie Neill Designs

Julie Neill is one of our favourite designers because of the particular feminine yet vintage-inspired vibe she gives to her pieces. Julie's designs focus on the classics, pieces that will last you a lifetime, yet she adds a personal youthful twist to each fixture.

She is dedicated to designing stunning unique lighting fixtures. Julie is inspired by the desire to create classic, elegant, artistic lighting that will showcase her love of design. Julie is known for designing everything by hand, which results in stunning fixtures that are created and rendered in her New Orleans studio. When you choose a fixture by Julie Neill, you are not only getting a spectacular one-of-a-kind fixture, but you are also choosing a passionate designer.

Design Process of the Karissa Table Lamp & the Alberto Wall Sconce

With one glance at Julie Neill's workstation, it's clear she's not the AutoCAD type of person. Sure, she can use the software program, but she prefers the art class approach for creating initial prototypes or testing out new designs. The walls and tables in her studio are covered in a variety of materials ranging from metal forms to wire, chain, glass, and endless pencil sketches. She'll even draw out on her designs on the floor. She's a very hands-on type of woman who loves to make each piece of lighting feel as though it was custom-made just for you. That's the beauty of choosing lighting by Julie Neill!

Featuring Our Talia Chandelier

Designed by Julie Neill for Visual Comfort, the Talia Collection combines beautiful swirled clear glass balls in an organic pattern for an eye-catching lighting fixture. The Talia Collection is a well-known product from Visual Comfort that can add a lot of character and dimension to any space. This stunning, one-of-a-kind design is available as a wall sconce, flush mount, linear suspension, or chandelier, depending on your needs.

Featuring Our Alberto Chandelier

Featuring Our Silva Chandelier

Chandeliers hang in nearly every room of Julie’s home. Julie believes a chandelier is the ultimate statement piece to a room and that everyone should use as much light as possible. "Give yourself the opportunity to have as much light as you could ever need in a room,” Julie says. This means adding a chandelier with several arms, wall sconces, hanging pendants, and lamps. She believes in the power of light, and how much positive energy lighting can give off!

Featuring Our Farfalle Chandelier

Between the material quality and durability from Visual Comfort, as well as the design and historic elements of Julie Neill, this collection is truly one-of-a-kind. Julie's designs so effortlessly display a vintage-feminine influence. Any of her fixtures are sure to create a statement in your home!

Union Team at Market in Dallas, TX with Julie and Isabelle Neill

Jodie Orange aka @thelightingninja at Union's Showroom Event

Get To Know Interior Designer Julie Neill

This Mother and Daughter duo with alove for all things tidy

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Talia Chandelier

Lorino Chandelier

Alberto Table Lamp

Acadia Chandelier


Caddo Chandelier


Vacarro Chandelier


Octavia Floor Lamp


Farfalle Chandelier


Illana Linear Suspension


Karissa Table Lamp


Talia Linear Suspension


Lorelei Chandelier


Dumaine Chandelier


Ormond Chandelier


Silva Chandelier


Mandeville Wall Sconce


Julie Neill is without a doubt one of our favourite designers with whom we are so proud to work with! We adore her work because of her inspiring and passionate approach to lighting and home decor. Every piece from her collection has a touch of warmth, natural vibe and feminine energy that makes her so unique. Julie really does know how to make a statement with her unique designs in order to create fabulous interiors. A Julie Neill lighting fixture will add a special touch of beauty to your space and will illuminate the entire room with elegance.


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