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Outdoor Lighting Trends

Featured: Darlana Outdoor Wall Sconce by Visual Comfort 

It’s hard to beat the feeling of being outside at nighttime during the summer months, especially when summer nights are filled with amazing outdoor activities with loved ones. You can take advantage of these evenings by extending your outdoor entertainment without worrying about your safety or security. You can make sure that your family and guests have a good time outside by installing outside lighting for your home. A brightly illuminated home has a wonderful, soothing atmosphere that can help you relax.  


We thought we'd share some ideas and current trends to better help you create an incredibly ambient and properly lit exterior with outdoor fixtures. Outdoor fixtures should reflect your specific design style and blend in well with the interior of your house. Lighting trends come and go, but we chose to focus on those that are timeless and will continue to be popular for a long time.


Ever wonder how to extend the summer? Union has got you covered! Keep reading to find the perfect lighting fixture for your exterior

2022 Trends:

Sleek and Clean Lines:

Featured: Bowman Outdoor Wall Sconce by Tech Lighting 

Clean and sleek lines are one of the trends we continue to see in lighting and home decor in general. Due to its simplicity and minimalism, this style is very popular in modern designs but is very simple to incorporate into any home. This design is ideal for minimalists who prefer contemporary and bright lighting. 

Timeless and Classic:

Featured: Weymouth Outdoor Wall Sconce by Hinkley Lighting 

When it comes to the exterior, homes generally have a fairly classic appearance. It is best to choose traditional and timeless fixtures to create harmony with this style. And classic doesn’t always mean old! Traditional style fixtures are still made using current and up-to-date designs and materials, yet they still have a classic look. 

Geometric and Unique:

Featured: Atwater Outdoor Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting 

Another style, and one that has a more playful appearance is geometric fixtures. These fixtures often have quirky lines and curves and are quite unique. Although this design typically has a more contemporary appearance, it can work with most types of homes. The Atwater Outdoor Wall Sconce by Troy Lighting, one of our personal favourites, features innovative structure and major modern style inside its functional frame. 

Featured: Darlana Chandelier by Visual Comfort

Shop Some of Our Outdoor Favourites:

Take advantage of the warm weather while it lasts by adding beautiful outdoor fixtures to improve your exterior as Fall approaches! There is nothing that compares to summer weather, but fall is also a great season to enjoy the outdoors as the leaves begin to change colour and fall festivities begin! We know how challenging it is to choose the right light for your outdoor space, but with these current trends, and our outdoor lighting guide, we will make this process easier! With so many styles to choose from at Union, you are bound to find the perfect fixture(s) for your home.


For more information on what types of lighting you need for your outdoor space please check out our Outdoor Lighting Guide

Please contact our Customer Care Team at for additional help on choosing the perfect light fixture for your home. 

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