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Lighting is an important detail to consider when decorating a lovely, functional space. A lighting fixture is more than just a source of light to brighten up your home; it's also a work of art that creates an ambience and influences the mood of the space.​​

This lighting guide was made to make your life much simpler, as we know how daunting the process of choosing lighting fixtures is. We will address most of the questions that we often receive regarding choosing the right light fixtures for your home.​



When selecting a pendant for a kitchen island, first measure the size of the island, then decide whether you prefer the look of two or three pendants.​

Important things to consider:

  • At least 6” of clearance from edge of the island​
  • 30” to 36” from countertop to bottom of fixture, no matter what the high of the ceilings are​
  • Pendants should have minimum 24” of space between each fixture​
  • For 2 Pendants: You can choose bigger sized pendants as there will be more clearance space​
  • For 3 Pendants: You can choose slightly smaller pendants, and verify that there is the correct amount of clearance space​
  • For a linear pendant, choose a fixture is that is 2/3 the length of the island.​

Always keep in mind that pendant lights may not provide enough light for the entire kitchen, so combine them with other forms of lighting such as recessed lights.​


When installing a lighting fixture above any table, the distance between the bottom of the fixture and the top of the table or countertop should always be 30" to 36".​

Rectangular/Oval Table:

Your lighting fixture should also be around ½ to 2/3 of the width of your dining table. As for the length, it should be between ½ to ¾ of your dining table length.​

Round Table:

As for a round table, the rule is essentially the same, your lighting fixture should be anywhere from ½ to ¾ of the table.​


Beside Bathroom Mirror:

If you decide on two sconces beside a bathroom mirror, then it should be hung between 60"-70" from the floor to the center of the backplates. Typically, this should be around eye level. As far as the distance between the 2 sconces, this all depends on the size of the actual mirror so the this varies.​

Above Bathroom Mirror:

The ideal wall sconce or vanity light for above a bathroom mirror should be at least ¾ of the width of the mirror. However, the light must not exceed the mirror's width. It should be hung anywhere from 75"-80" from the floor.​


There are numerous ways in which you can add light to your bedroom: bedroom wall sconces, table lamps and ceiling fixtures (semi-flush mount, chandelier, pendants).​

  • For bedside wall sconces, they should ideally be hung 55-60" between the floor and the top of the sconce.​
  • If you have higher ceiling, a great idea is to add a chandelier or pendant to the center of the room, towards the end of the bed.​
  • Another simple way of adding light is by including table lamps to your bedside tables. Table lamps should not occupy more than 2/3 of the bedside table.​


When it comes to lighting fixtures, most people overlook bulbs. When in fact, light bulbs can transform your fixture if chosen properly. Watts, lumens, and kelvins are the most significant factors to consider when selecting a bulb:​

  • Watts: The amount of energy used by the bulb​
  • Lumens: Brightness of the bulb​
  • Kelvins: Color temperature of the bulb​
    • 2,700K: Warm and Cozy | Ideal for living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms​
    • 3,000K: Welcoming and Relaxing | Ideal for bathrooms, entryways, outdoor​
    • 3,500K, 4,000K, 5,000K: Vibrant and Crisp | Ideal for commercial/industrial spaces, and garages, basements, workshops​


Screw-base bulbs, often known as Edison bulbs, are the most frequently used in North America.​

Types of Bulb Shapes:

  • A (Standard): Most used bulb when it comes to household lighting (A-19, A-21). These bulbs can be used in almost any fixture.​
  • C (Conical): Cone-shaped bulbs, often used in chandeliers due to their candle-light appearance.​
  • G (Globe): Round, full bulbs which comes in numerous different sizing depending on the size of the fixture.​
  • T (Tube): Tubular-shaped bulbs that range hugely in size. These bulbs are often used in pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers, and picture lighting.​

Keep in mind the type of base your light fixture requires. The following are the two most frequent screw bases:

  • Standard/Medium Base E26 ​
  • Candelabra Base E12​

Please contact our Customer Care Team by telephone 1-888-50-UNION or email for additional help on choosing the right light fixture!

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